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San Diego Loyal draw over the weekend against Orange County SC

San Diego Loyal clinch the second-seed Western Conference spot for the 2022 playoffs.

It wasn't a great weekend for San Diego soccer, but it wasn't the worse neither. 

San Diego Loyal drew this weekend against Orange County SC as they approach the playoffs later this month. 

The Loyal made a short road trip up north to face against Orange County SC, as they tried to secure a home field match at Torero Stadium in the upcoming playoffs. 

Loyal head coach Landon Donovan was impressed with the opponent, which currently stands in last place within their conference.

"It's crazy that this was against the last team in our conference. That team could probably beat almost every team in the Eastern conference. They had a huge crowd, but our guys battled even though we weren't perfect. This is a hard place to play. 

San Diego's draw on the road ultimately gave Loyal what they've been wanting for some time, and that is a secure of the second seed in the Western conference. And by securing this, they are guaranteed to playoff match at home, according to the post-season bracket in place. 

Four or five weeks ago we had a goal to finish at least second in the league, at a minimum, and now that's secured. And now we have one playoff game coming up, potentially two, so we will see what happens," he added.

However, the night ended a bit bitter, considering that San Diego were so close from winning this match until Orange County's Brian Iloski scored the equalizing goal with just one minute to go in regulation at exactly the 89th minute. 

San Diego's final home match of the regular season is next Sunday, October 9, at 3 p.m. against New Mexico United. 

As for the playoffs, tickets to the clubs first ever first-round post-season game will take place int he weekend of October 21-23, and they are on sale now at