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TITLE Boxing Club Chula Vista seeks public's help to stay alive after falling behind on rent during COVID-19 shutdown

TITTLE Boxing Club Chula Vista were given until Saturday, Nov. 12, to either come up with the money or vacate the gym.

The effects of pandemic closures weighs heavily on the owners of TITLE Boxing Club in Chula Vista, who reached out to its members for financial support to help keep the studio swinging. 

TITLE Boxing Club opened at the Otay Ranch Town Center in 2018, offering a 52-week boxing journey that incorporates skill progression and interval training. TITLE Boxing Club Chula Vista also offers kickboxing, MMA, private and small group training, along with workout options by the length ranging from 30 to 75-minute classes. 

The studio closed nearly a year after it began operation due to the pandemic and has struggled to make rent. According to Co-Owner Nate Salva-Cruz, the club was served a 10-day notice on Nov. 2 to pay its outstanding balance which has accumulated since the pandemic shutdowns. 

The club may be forced to vacate the premise on Nov. 12 if dues are not paid. 

“Although independently owned and operated, knowing a vast majority of our members by their first name, we are still recognized as a franchise, thus excluding us from numerous grants. After exhausting all our efforts, we are coming to you all for help,” TITLE Boxing Club wrote in a GoFundMe titled “Keep TITLE Boxing Club Chula Vista Open”.  

The club established a goal of $150,000 and has received $12,111 from 127 donors. 

“We aim to raise enough funds and petitions to show good faith and partnership with the Otay Ranch Town Center. We understand that the funds may not be enough to last us throughout the year; however, if it can get us through our busiest time of the year (November through the end of January), we have complete faith we can make it,” reads the GoFundMe organized by Salva Cruz and team members Catherine Boda and Meryl Leventon. 

In addition to accepting donations, TITLE Boxing Club is asking members to write petitions illustrating what it has done for them and the Chula Vista community. 

“We hope our coupled efforts will get us through what is not only considered to be the busiest time of the year for retailers but for fitness studios as well,” reads the GoFundMe. 

For more information, visit TITLE Boxing Club Chula Vista’s GoFundMe at .