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Finally, the city of San Diego will have a team in Major League Soccer in 2025!

San Diego Padres Star Manny Machado Joins Investment Team for San Diego's MLS Expansion Team

After years of eager anticipation, the moment soccer fans in San Diego have been waiting for has arrived. Major League Soccer (MLS) has officially awarded San Diego its own team, making it the league's thirtieth member, set to debut in 2025.

Padres Star Manny Machado among the investors!

The well-known businessman, investor, and philanthropist Mohamed Mansour, Sycuan Band, and its president Cody Martnez are joined by the investment of Manny Machado, renowned star of the San Diego Padres! Other initial partners were revealed to be Tom Vernon, the founder of the Right to Dream organization, Brad Termini, a co-founder of Zephyr Partners, and Dan Dickinson, a member of the latter.

Additionally, respected sports executive Tom Penn was revealed as the CEO of the new club.

The presence of Don Garber, Commissioner of the MLS, who has shown confidence in the success of San Diego, along with Dr. Adela de la Torre, President of San Diego State University, Jerry Sanders, President of the San Diego Regional Chamber of Commerce, Mayor of San Diego Todd Gloria, and Sean Elo-Rivera, President of the City Council and Councilmember for the 9th District, highlights the significance of the event that took place this morning.

Shortly after, during a press conference, when asked by a reporter about what motivated him to invest in a sport other than baseball, Machado responded :

"I also played and enjoy soccer, and my favorite team is Barcelona."

The third baseman and home run hitter for the Padres emphasized that San Diego "is one of the cities with the most talented young soccer players," and "I believe that the Right to Dream Foundation will support many footballers, children whom we will help not only in playing sports but also academically."

It is worth mentioning that the Right to Dream Foundation, founded by entrepreneur Mansour and based in London, England, promotes academies and soccer clubs worldwide. A climactic moment of the event was when businessman Mohamed Mansour and Cody Martínez, President of Sycuan Band, proudly raised the scarf with the announcement: San Diego 2025.

The event concluded with a spectacular shower of confetti, symbolizing the overwhelming joy and renewed hope of millions of soccer fans. Their collective aspiration is for San Diego and the border region of Baja California to finally have a team in this beloved sport, a team that will undoubtedly bring immense pride to the city.