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Paternal grandparents of Maya Millete's three children were nominated for guardianship

The hearing for guardianships is scheduled for Jan.19 in probate court.
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Paperwork was filed on Dec.6 to nominate both parents of Larry Millete for custody over his three children 11 months following the disappearance of his wife Maya Millete. 

A petition to file for guardianship was previously filed by Maricris Droulliat, sister and advocate for Maya. The new filings name Benito and Judith Millete as nominees for guardianship to the three children ages 5,10 and 11. The paperwork gave detailed accounts from the paternal grandparents explaining why thy are suitable for guardianship. 

In the filing, Judith wrote “May and Larry both knew we will support the children and take care of them. May just attended on her job. We the  grandparents cooked and made sure the children ate properly and that they were safe and healthy.” 

Judith also wrote, “May was busy at her job and did not spend a lot of time with the children. In fact, the grandchildren called us 'Mama and Papa.'"

Although guardianship hasn't been granted to Droulliat, the probate judge ordered visitation, once a week, with Maya's side of the family from 12 p.m to 3 p.m on Sundays. 

According to Benito, the children are “safe, secured, happy, and healthy”, enrolled in a “decent and reputable school”, excelling in the classes and have close friends who support them and are busy in school and extracurricular activities. 

In the declaration, Benito said the children recently were upset when “Maricris picked up the grandchildren from our place and they used a car that contained a large poster of their missing mother May.”

Last month in her petition for guardianship, Droulliat wrote, “since Maya’s disappearance, Larry and the parental grandparents continue to fail to care and provide for the Millete Children’s emotional health, safety and welfare.” 

Larry Millete is scheduled to appear in court for a preliminary examination readiness hearing on Dec.16. The hearing for guardianship is set for Jan. 19 in probate court.