Latina artist Manuela Guillén celebrates Hispanic and Latinx Heritage Month by creating three limited-edition cups with Starbucks.

Through the Starbucks Stories & News announcement, Guillén said, “When you think about Latin America – we’re a very diverse group. People may ski in the south or live near the beach in the Caribbean. I am hoping it’s a beautiful little collection where people can see themselves.”  

The collection, which has been blowing up on TikTok, comes with a ‘Manuela Dream’ Stainless Tumblr, ‘Buenas Vibras’ Cold Cup, and ‘Manuela Heart’ Cold Cup. Each of the cups is full of colorful abstract and creative prints.

During her childhood in Florida, Guillén spent her days daydreaming about art. Later, in college, she began telling the story of her parents’ journey from Cuba and El Salvador to the United States through her artwork. 

Her murals can now be seen throughout the United States and Mexico, reflecting her cultural upbringing and inspired by the vibrant colors of tropical plants. Guillén’s work has been featured in collaboration with local, national, and global art organizations such as PangeaSeed, Mural Arts Philadelphia, and the Gender Justice Fund.

Currently, she works as an art teacher, freelance painter, muralist, and digital illustrator. You can view her art by visiting her website.

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