South Bay- Wendy Tate's eyes began to flood up with uncontrollable tears as she looked back on the difficult times she endured while living on the streets for 20 years.

Wendy gave a speech at the South Bay Community Church's launching ceremony for the upcoming Center of National City Navigation's new headquarters and a mobile restroom for people living on the street.

The location, 2400 Euclid Avenue, which housed the Beacon School Classical Academy's facilities and was shut down by the National City School District, served as the setting for unpleasant memories that played through Wendy's head like a painful movie.

The World of Crisis and Isolation of the Former Homeless, Wendy Tate

In her testimony, the woman described her journey from the streets to drug and alcohol addiction and a life of crises, loneliness, and despair as "a terrible drama" that she had to endure.

Between sobs that came over and over again and that she could hardly dry with a tissue, she thanked God for helping her to finally escape the horror she found herself in and the cycle that for her seemed to have no end.

Wendy recalled that her graduation in 2020 was the best evidence of her recovery and rehabilitation. She was accompanied and encouraged at all times by volunteer Denise Bernard to express her painful experiences because stories that are as strong as hers can serve as a learning experience for others who are going through this difficult experience.

Just before she was scheduled to testify, Donnie Dee, president of the San Diego Rescue Mission, highlighted the work that is currently being done by the members of this church in the Centers of National City and Oceanside to support the thousands of people who wander the streets in search of a place to live.

Compassion and Service for Others

During her participation as a speaker, Michelle Le Beau, Vice President of Engagement and Community for San Diego Rescue Mission, and Linda Rankin, Pastor of Eastlake Church, also emphasized the value of compassion and service to others, the charity, and the relevance of donors for the maintenance and creation of more mobile toilets and Navigation Centers for support to the so-called "homeless."

Pastor Mario Montoya spoke on the value of peaceful harmony in society. Marcus Bush, a councilman, and Luz Molina, the Vice Mayor of National City, represented the local government at the inaugural event for a new mobile toilet for homeless residents.

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