This establishment has been around since the 1950s and is closely connected to the iconic establishments on Broadway Street in Chula Vista, which is currently being modernized.

We are referring to the El Patio restaurant, which specializes in Mexican cuisine, where the latest mural of the expansive project carried out by the Envision Broadway Business Coalition at the initiative of the Institute for Public Strategies (IPS) is currently painted.

"The mural extends along the entire wall facing south of the building with a floral theme that traveling motorists and pedestrians (heading) north along Broadway can see easily," according to a report from the previously mentioned institute.

According to Lilli Warchol, owner of the restaurant, "it will make the community proud" and "it will increase the business, hopefully, it will keep taggers out (better-known graffiti artists)."

"It's great; very therapeutic”

Yaretzi López, a recent high school graduate, discovered a social media campaign to enhance the historic road and immediately joined in to contribute towards making the mural a reality.

"I occasionally paint. Although I don't have much experience with it, I've been volunteering a lot lately,"she remarked.

"It is amazing honestly; it is quite therapeutic," Yareli said with firmness. "Murals beautify communities, add color to neighborhoods, and make the streets more attractive," according to the Institute of Public Strategies, the initiative's promoter.

And she continues in this way: "They are enjoyable for the citizens, locals, and tourists, attract commerce, and strengthen the economy. Additionally, the murals may be used to build lively communities that people desire to visit, live in, and care about."

Additionally, it notes that as part of the Murals Project Envision Broadway, "community members are empowered to prioritize their needs and plan improvements that are necessary for the revitalization of this area."

Promotes “economic vitality”

According to the paper, Envision Broadway "aligns with Vivir Bien's vision; to cultivate a multicultural shopping district promoting choice health and the highest quality of life" by boosting the economic viability of this important gateway.

It is further said that "mural painting events provide activities that keep young people away from substance use disorders."

Additionally, it is suggested that South Bay Youth volunteers and Students for Change, also known as SBY4C (Youth Organization of the South Bay for Change), "may help paint murals to include themes that promote the significance of living a drug and alcohol-free lifestyle."

"Envision Broadway is looking for additional companies interested in donating wall space, sponsoring a mural, and helping the artists paint," they said.

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