A boy in San Diego was fatally shot while spending time with his family on Thanksgiving. 

On Thursday evening, 12-year-old Angel Domingo Gaspar Gallegos was spending time with dozens of family members when the tragic incident took place. 

The stray bullet is believed to have been fired from a neighbor's home, while the boy was spending quality time with his cousins during the evening. 

After the 12-year-old boy was shot, his mother attempted to prevent the wound from worsening while waiting for first responders to arrive. Angel was eventually taken to the emergency room where he was later pronounced deceased. 

Officials say that there is no concrete evidence on a description of a suspect, though they do have a group of detectives to gather evidence on the fatal shooting. As for now, police says it is unknown if the shooting was a homicide or an accidental discharge on a firearm. 

Angel's family has created a GoFundMe page to raise funds in the wake of the tragic loss, stating on the page that he was a happy, joyful kid that was full of life. 

"He was taken from us too early at age 12. He was a wonderful older brother to Gabriel and Brianna and was loved by all that knew him," says on the GoFundMe page. 

San Diego Police Department is asking the public to please cooperate with any useful information that may assist in the investigation of this case. Officials say that if anyone has valuable information on the matter to call the Homicide Unit or Crime Stoppers. 

"Members of the community may have information that would lead to solving this case and bringing closure to the victim's family," said SDPD Lieutenant Jud Campbell. "Even the smallest piece of information could be relevant and critical to the case," he added. 

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