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Kanye and Drake, with the help of Amazon Prime, are tackling one of the nation’s most significant issues on the political spectrum: Criminal Justice Reform. 

Live from the Los Angeles Coliseum on Thursday night, Amazon Prime will present the Free Larry Hoover concert orchestrated by the collaboration of both Kanye and Drake, in efforts to raise awareness on the issue. An issue that is seen as a priority to the African-American community throughout the country. And with their star platforms, Kanye and Drake will utilize their talent to highlight the crucial topic. 

The motive behind this collaboration is based on Larry Hoover’s six life sentences that he has been serving behind bars since 1973. 

Kanye says that this concert will remind the public of how much of a difference everyone can make when unity is taking place in this country. 

“I believe this event will not only bring awareness to our cause, but prove to people everywhere how much more we can accomplish when we lay our price aside and come together,” West stated.

This comes after the recent amends made by both hiphop legends, putting an end to years of “beef” between the two artists in the music industry, resulting in a collaboration that Amazon will utilize for a greater good. 

“It’s rare to be able to bring two of the biggest cultural icons together on one stage for our customers across the globe,” stated Alaina Bartels, talent synergy & specials at Amazon Studios. “

Amazon is looking forward to this collaboration, expressing excitement over the opportunity to present a concert that is ultimately linked to a greater cause. 

“Kanye and Drake have spent their careers pushing boundaries and defining culture, and we’re excited to give fans around the world a front row seat to this concert,” Amazon Music’s head of hip hop and R&B Timothy Hinshaw stated in a press release. 

Viewers in over 240 nations can live-stream this one-night event for free tomorrow night, Thursday December 9th. In addition to the online live-stream, IMAX theatres throughout the United States will be showing the concert on screens. 

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