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Amtrak announces that it will introduce a pet program for the train route in Southern California. 

On Tuesday, Amtrak announced that passengers traveling on their Pacific Surfliner are now able to board with pets starting this Friday, May 20. 

According to the transportation company, passengers can pay a fee of $26(or 800 Amtrak Guest Reward points) to bring their personal car or dog on the train, as long as the pet remains in a on-the-go case throughout the ride. Amtrak says that the pet and career combined should not exceed over the 20 pound limit. 

According to those who organized this pet program, this is an attempt to fulfill the needs of passengers whose travel plans are often impacted by their pet-owning situations. 

“We’re always looking for ways to better serve the needs of our passengers, and allowing pets to come along for the ride is something our customers have expressed a strong interest in,” said Jason Jewell, Interim Managing Director of the LOSSAN Agency. “This pet program will provide more options for our customers in a way that will be safe and convenient, and we’re thrilled to introduce it ahead of the summer travel season.”

Amtrak's Vice President says that the company is thrilled to introduce this pet program, which will make traveling much more enjoyable for families visiting other cities using the Pacific Surfliner. 

“Nobody likes to be left behind, which is why we are pleased to expand Amtrak’s pet program to Pacific Surfliner trains,” said Amtrak Vice President of California, Jeanne Cantu. “With pets being an integral part of the family, customers can bring their pets, making traveling with a four-legged friend easy and enjoyable for the entire family.”

Due to the limited number of pet reservations on every train, each passenger is allowed to board with just one pet per boarding trip. 

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