by Photo by Guillermo Mijares

Chula Vista’s iconic Third Avenue offers much more than just a barhopping scene on a Friday and Saturday night. 

That’s the message artist Rich Walker wants locals to understand. On Third Avenue you can find “Art on Third”, an art gallery open to the public, where Rich has displayed some of his work over the past 3 years since it first opened. 

Rich Walker’s passion for art began in his teen years in his home state of Massachusetts, and eventually brought his talents to Chula Vista where he hopes to build an artistic environment.

Walker always had a large appreciation for California since he was a teenager, and is now looking to continue to fulfil his artistic objectives involving his main passion. Walker wants Third Avenue to highlight local talent through art and the appreciation for diversity, which is a characteristic of Chula Vista. 

Living in the second-largest city in San Diego county, Walker has witnessed the slow and steady evolution of Chula Vista, and wants to contribute to the vibrant change of the area. 

“I didn’t really choose Chula Vista, as much as it felt like it chose me.” Walker said “ I moved down the road years ago, and based on that, I got familiar with Chula Vista’s changing vibe.” 

Walker believes that Chula Vista has the potential becoming a destination city where tourists can experience all aspects of the region.

“The idea was to build a place where local artists can gather and create a cultural center,” Walker says “One day Chula Vista could become a Memphis, an Austin, or a Portland.” 

The Massachusetts-native gives credit to local breweries in the area for contributing to the vibrant change of Chula Vista, such as Three Punk Ales Brewery, Chula Vista Brewery, and other businesses who have helped uplift Third Avenue in recent years. 

However, Walker still believes that the city of Chula Vista should increase its appreciation for its art culture, and continue to value the impact of local businesses on Third Avenue. 

“I want the city to see the value of art,” Walker says. 

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