As on past occasions, the bagpipe, resounded with lively musical notes, skillfully played by Charles Rosenberg, momentarily interrupted the serene tranquility of La Vista Memorial Park.

The Civil War unfolded from 1861 to 1865 as a consequential conflict stemming from the issue of slavery, with President Abraham Lincoln playing a pivotal role. These narratives resonated strongly on a profoundly emotional day for the veterans who had gathered for this solemn occasion. 

After a touching declaration by Shirley Ferril, a United States Navy veteran and American Legion National City Auxiliary Post 255 member, Kathleen Winchester, the president of the Association of Sons and Daughters of the Union of Veterans of the Civil War, spoke on the platform.

Kathleen paid special tribute to Civil War Veteran Milford Phillips.

John Finch, a retired former commander of the United States Navy, presented a brief biography of the illustrious General John A. Logan and his involvement in the American Civil and Mexican Wars.

Mark Carlson, author, former Civil War historian, reenactor, and owner of the FUNspeakeable lecture series, delivered a brilliant exposition.

Dan Sutton, a history educator and interpreter, and National City Mayor Ron Morrison participated in the closing ceremony of the memorial service for the war heroes. They emphasized the importance of counting significant events in American political and social history.

It is worth mentioning that Memorial Day originated to pay tribute to soldiers who lost their lives during the American Civil War. However, it has evolved over time to commemorate all military personnel who made the ultimate sacrifice in all conflicts that the United States has been involved in, regardless of gender.

And it was in May 1966 that then-President Lyndon B. Johnson officially recognized this day as a memorialization of those who lost their lives in war. Since then, it has become a tradition to lay flowers on graves at Arlington National Cemetery in Virginia on this day.

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