A witness notified the California Highway Patrol at 3:02 a.m. that a speeding black SUV went out of control on the northbound San Diego Freeway at E Street and crashed into the right shoulder before overturning multiple times.

Other witnesses reported multiple vehicles were involved in the crash.

A paramedic pronounced at least one person dead at the scene and the Medical Examiner was summoned, the CHP said.

A pole holding an electrical box was knocked down in the crash, leaving wires exposed, the CHP said.

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  1. The police don’t patrol and fine speedsters in CV! They just pickup the the dead bodies. No law in CV!

  2. It would help so much that speeders were stopped and fined, that people were stopped and fined for running lights, and for parking in red zones.

    1. I question why are there written laws if they are not enforced? I was victim of a driver who drove against a red light. Luckily there was only a fracture done to my left arm after I fell to the pavement while running a legally marked crosswalk.

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