The appointment of Naomi Girma, star player for San Diego Wave Futbol Club, as the first Kaiser Permanente ambassador of 2023, marks the second year of association with the Club as its medical team and official partner of medical care of the season.

In a press release, it was reported that both organizations seek to take advantage of their work to support initiatives that empower and improve the total health of women with the launch of the first Wave of Wellness Fit Clinic, on March 12.

It is specified that “the clinic provides educational training for local soccer leagues affiliates, where youth participate in fitness activities, nutrition workshops, mental wellness sessions, and other additional activities, resource wellness services provided by the Kaiser Permanente care team. “I feel honored and thankful to serve as the first women ambassador for the association.

Mental health is very close to my heart and this opportunity will allow for my voice to reach a larger audience, specifically women and the youth of San Diego,” Girma said. “Let’s work together to bring down the barriers surrounding women’s health and well-being to help build a community that is more supportive and inclusive”.

The commitment acquired after this association implies having a positive impact on the San Diego Community, with a refined focus on four key areas: Total Health programming for local youth and women, mental wellness, equity in health, and nutritional resources with support to access healthy food.

Through the launch of Wave of Wellness Fit Clinics presented by Kaiser Permanente, local community organizations will receive the necessary resources to promote their mental and physical well-being, including access to local medical experts from Kaiser Permanente and wellness resources.

“This partnership is a continuation of our commitment to empowering diverse people everywhere, and we are happy to share valuable resources that can help propel the next generation of young people to succeed,” said Julie Miller-Philipps, President of Kaiser Permanente Southern California and Health Plan and Hawaii hospitals.

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