by Photo by Guillermo Mijares

Across from the Palm Avenue Station is where you can find one of the newest spots for Birria in the Southbay. On Hollister Street and Palm Avenue is where Birria Hot is now open to San Diegans. 

Laura Alvarado opened “Birria Hot” exactly a week ago today, and she’s excited to see where this project is headed in the future. However, she says that it has not been an easy path for her previously, but that didn’t stop her from expanding her horizons. 

“I started investing in this project after having experienced many personal issues, especially a coma that left me incapable of speaking while I lived in Tijuana while earning just 50 dollars a week. During my recovery process, I then realized it was time for a fresh new start,” Laura said. 

Alvarado says that opening up this food truck in this specific area was a decision that she believed was smart based on the surroundings of the location. 

With hundreds of people using the trolley every day, she believes that having her food truck across the street from the Palm Avenue Station is something that will benefit her, knowing that it’s an active area where many locals will notice her business as they walk by. 

“I prayed a lot during my process of finding where to locate my food truck, and then I thought to myself how smart it would be to have it near a transportation station,” Laura said. “I believe that I will find immediate success being located here,” she added. 

At Birria Hot, locals have multiple options to satisfy their cravings. The food truck has a variety of options aside from tacos for the public, including burritos, tortas, sopes, tostilocos, etc. 

Alvarado says that for as heavy as it is to run a food truck business from the ground up, seeing the pleasure in her customers’ faces when they eat her birria, is what makes it all worth it in the end. 

“The satisfaction of hearing compliments about my food, and seeing them enjoy every bite, is what inspires me to continue to work hard with this food truck,” Alvarado said.

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