Chula Vista-based fighter Adrian Gutierrez will be headlining Thompson Boxing’s “Path to Glory” card on Friday to face Louie Lopez at the Doubletree Hotel in Ontario, California. 

Gutierrez, 27, will arrive to the Nov. 18 event with an undefeated boxing record of 12-0-1 with 6 knockouts as a welterweight fighter. The Chula Vista resident said recently that his training camp was a success in providing him with the ability to craft his game plan efficiently. 

“Lopez is in a lot of trouble. I can't express how wrong I am stylistically for him. Everything he has trouble with, I’m going to go hard at, and that is why I spent this whole camp perfecting and crafting the best game plan to take him out. This might be one of the last fights of his career with the way I am going to pressure him all night long on fight night," Gutierrez said. 

Lopez, is a 26-year-old boxer from Corona, California, with a 12-1-1 overall record. If he wins the fight, it will be his fifth consecutive victory. 

“I give Lopez a lot of credit for being a tough fighter, and a true warrior in the ring, but I don't see anything special in him, and beyond that don't call this an upset when I win. I’m undefeated and should be the favorite. I have never lost. Louie Lopez is the challenger, and I am the fighter who is coming in here putting my perfect record on the line. I think it will be an exciting fight for however long it lasts, and I see myself as the victor.”

Gutierrez said that if he wins tomorrow night, he should be considered a top prospect going forward in boxing. 

“It is simple, I am coming to take Louie Lopez's spot. I am the next guy up. I will beat him on Friday, and then move forward with my career, and would be glad to do it on Thompson Boxing shows as well. People see him as a prospect, I simply see him as an opponent. What this will do is simple – it will validate my career as a top prospect." 

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