The city of Chula Vista, alongside San Diego, Carlsbad, and Oceanside, has recently proclaimed September 22, 2023, as California Native American Day

The history of the area, known as Chula Vista, can be traced back millions of years through the discovery of prehistoric fossils of both land and sea types. Around 3000 B.C., Yuman-speaking people started migrating into the area. Today, many Native American Indians in San Diego are descendants of the Kumeyaay tribe who inhabited the region for hundreds of years.

California Native American Day is a celebration of the unique culture of the Native American people who are indigenous to California. The day brings to light the victories and challenges that have shaped their rich history.

In 1998, California designated the fourth Friday of September as California Native American Day to dispel misconceptions about California Indians.

Before, it was widely believed that California’s history began with the arrival of the first explorers and that there was little understanding of the existing society of Native Americans. Unfortunately, Native populations across the country were viewed as primitive and often stereotyped with teepees and drums.

California Native American Day celebrates the rich culture and contributions of California’s Native American community, highlighting their ongoing presence and influence in our society.

Through this proclamation, San Diego-area governments are leading the way in promoting cultural diversity.

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