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Saul "Canelo" Alvarez wins the third match-up between the Mexican fighter and Gennady Golovkin. 

Saturday night in Las Vegas, Canelo Alvarez regained the feeling of being victorious after defeating the Kazakhstan warrior after 12 rounds of boxing. 

It was the third fight between the two, with a draw in the first one, Alvarez victory in the second, and now a consecutive victory in the third battle last night. 

It was an important victory for Alvarez, who lost to Dmitry Bivol early this year for the second career loss since his defeat against Floyd Mayweather. 

But it wasn't an easy victory last night by the Mexican, as he admitted that he went into this weekend enduring a wrist injury this whole time.

"It hurts everywhere. I had these issues since the Caleb Plant fight. I was like it's okay, it's okay, later, later, then it started [to get] really bad. I need surgery," Alvarez said. "With my hand problems I outjabbed the best jabber in the world in Gennadiy Golovkin," Alvarez added.

However, Alvarez was still able to carry through the fight unbothered by the discomfort on his left hand area. 

"I think towards the end of the fight I obviously started to get a bit fatigued and that's because we've not been able to work explosively in the gym. But despite all the problems that we've had, I was really happy with my performance tonight," he added.

Both fighters, as usual when they face each other, were looking for a knockout in this trilogy main event in Las Vegas. But, one must admit while watching the fight, GGG was more conservative than boxing fans expected, though it may have been expected from Golovkin at 40 years of age. 

On the other hand, pundits immediately said after the fight that Alvarez should have also been more aggressive in his approach when GGG showed signs of fatigue. 

Nonetheless, Alvarez did enough to secure the big victory for his legendary boxing career and he's perfectly happy with that. 

"I wanted to get that KO but it didn't come because he's a great fighter. That's why there are 12 rounds in a fight. So you can show and display who's the best. So I'm really happy with what I've done tonight."I am going to take my time. My body needs [it]. Last year I fought four times in 11 months so that's why. I need to take my time a little bit maybe. May, September, I don't know. But I need to take my time," Alvarez said.

Leading up to the fight, Canelo displayed frustrating over GGG's character and persona in the face of the media. 

Alvarez said all along that this fight was personal for him because he simply didn't think GGG is a good person, which is something GGG took issue with of course. 

"He was the one who said it was personal. My response to that was why has he waited so many years for this fight to happen," the Kazakh said.

In the end, Golovkin says they congratulated each other for wrapping up an excellent trilogy for the ages, something both fighters should be proud of in the years to come when boxing fans look back at their rivalry since 2017. 

"But after the fight when we looked each other in the eye we had no claims towards each other any more. We congratulated each other, we said excellent fight and we moved on. Because we realised at this level this sport is so dangerous and we were very content with how this fight played out and our rivalry ended."

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