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Health officials says everyone who has Big Olaf ice cream products in their freezer should throw it all away immediately. 

The C.D.C. recently announced that over two dozen people have been reported sick with listeria in over 10 states, due to the intake of Big Olaf ice cream, an ice cream company based in Florida. The creamery is a family-owned business that exclusively sell their products in their state. However, several people that got sick had reportedly visited from out of state in the previous month, according to the C.D.C. 

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says that five of those reported sick became ill during their pregnancy, and one resulted in a fetal loss. Out of the 22 people reported sick, 10 of them were hospitalized after previously visiting the state of Florida. One person has been confirmed dead due to this outbreak. 

The official Twitter account of the C.D.C published a post suggesting to get rid of any of the company products, and that businesses should stop selling or serving their ice cream. 

"Do not eat Big Olaf Creamery ice cream and throw away any leftovers. Businesses should not serve or sell it. CDC is working to determine if any other products are linked to illnesses," the C.D.C tweeted. 

The listeria bacteria has been studied to be fatal, with about 1,600 individuals across the country contracting listeriosis every year through contaminated food. 

Numerous physical indications are linked to this illness such as flu-like symptoms, fever, muscle aches, puking and stomach difficulties like diarrhea, which typically impacts the body around two weeks after eating the contaminated food. Although, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration says it could potentially take several months before symptoms start developing. 

The C.D.C says that up to one in five people die when diagnosed with listeriosis, mostly affecting people during pregnancy and compromised immune systems. And even more concerning, the C.D.C also confirms that 20 percent of cases reported cases during pregnancy result in fetal loss. 

We will update our readers with more on this outbreak as information is updated by health officials. 

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