by Photo by Guillermo Mijares

The District at Eastlake officially unveils Chula Vista Brewery’s new location Wednesday afternoon, replacing The Brewhouse’s former setting.

This comes nearly one year after The Search bar was opened at The District, making Chula Vista Brewery’s new location an additional social project for locals in the area.

Timothy Parker, owner of the brewery, says that this project is destined to bring in a more family-oriented environment into their audience, as opposed to the original location on Third Avenue.

“You have more housing up here, so families will come with their kids, so you will probably see more of that here.”

When asked about why the collaboration of their brewery and Oak & Anchor BBQ has turned into a success, Parker says “Beer and BBQ, it’s like bread and butter.”

Dozens of locals visited the new location Wednesday afternoon, and have already expressed major satisfaction with the new project. 

Samantha Van Dunk, a Chula Vista local, says she instantly sensed a vibrant family-friendly setting from the moment she stepped into this new location,

“I didn’t realize there would be full-meal services here, which means we can bring our children and have family dinners here in the future.”

The brewery says it is expected to unveil multiple new beer choices in this new project, as an attempt to have a distinguished menu to the original location.

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