The Chula Vista Community Collaborative will host the Day of the Child Event in order to provide resources to keep children safe and healthy.

The free family event will take place on April 22 at the Memorial Park in Chula Vista. Over 100 informational and interactive booths are anticipated to outreach and serve children and families. According to event organizers, the Day of the Child event is designed to introduce kids and families to healthy and interactive activities. This year’s theme is “Empowering our Future Leaders”

The event will also feature entertainment by local schools and local talent, a car show, face painting, puppets, magic shows, storytime, games, and much more. Giveaways and other interactive entertainment will also be part of the event program.

In 2019, the Day of the Child Community Fair had over 130 informational and interactive booths that served approximately 5,000 children and families in attendance. Exhibitors Register below.

The United Nations established World’s Children’s Day in 1954 as Universal Children's Day and is celebrated annually on Nov. 20 to promote international togetherness and awareness among children worldwide, and to improve children's welfare. In Mexico, Children’s Day, also known as, “El Día Del Niño”, is celebrated on April 30.

During this day, teachers in schools organize the day for children, where they participate in games, listen to music, and bring their favorite foods to share with others. Many families also have a day out with their children.

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