According to Daniel Lyons, the pharmacist in charge of the facility, Lyons Pharmacy is the only location in San Diego County that offers DisposeRx, a safe way to dispose of unneeded prescriptions. 

Moreover, Dr. Joe Sepúlveda, Chief of Psychiatry and Medication Assistance, stated that "it is very important for the community to use these services because when you have these medications at home, situations of abuse or involuntary consumption may happen, and this could cause poisoning, it is also possible that children become curious to try them, and same if there are relatives who have an addiction,” overall, “the medicines accumulated in our drawers are a risk”.

“It is easy while having these medications at home to make a mistake that could potentially be fatal, that is why these places where we can correctly dispose of old or unwanted medications in a safe and eco-friendly way are very important,” Dr. Sepulveda said.

"Addictions are a big health problem and many of them start by having medications stored at home; It is a problem that also impacts the community because more and more government resources are needed to attend programs of detoxification, as well as overdose emergencies.”

Desmedona Avina, Member of the Advisory Council of “Youth in Action” affirmed that she finds it very satisfying to bring awareness to people about the positive effects of using medication disposal services.

“It allows me to be a voice for the youth and at the same time I make friends while I work for my community,” Avina said.

Another method of disposal is the use of postage-paid envelopes to send unnecessary or unwanted medications, used for people confined to their homes, without access to transportation, or those who may feel uncomfortable approaching the law at collection sites.

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