Instead of calling a dispatcher and waiting for an officer, you can choose to file a crime report online at, as long the incident occurred within the City of Chula Vista (not including state freeways); the situation is not an emergency; and the crime being reported falls under one of the following categories*:

·Harassing Phone Calls

·Hit and Run Collision

·Identity Theft

·Lost Property

·Theft of Property

·Theft from a Vehicle


·Vehicle Tampering / Attempted Auto Theft

* These categories are more clearly defined as you begin the online report.

You can also add additional follow-up information for a previously filed police report (online or in person) using the online platform, by choosing the same category of crime and selecting the appropriate links. 

Since launching online reporting June 16th, the Chula Vista Police Department has experienced positive results that have been extremely beneficial for the community. These include shorter response times for those reporting crimes and, most importantly, increased availability of dispatchers and officers for the handling of emergency calls. Online reporting and the recent hiring of additional Community Service Officers (civilian staff members trained to handle non-emergency police functions) are just two of the many strategies being employed by the Chula Vista Police Department to serve the community more effectively.



Use your mobile device or desktop computer visit the Chula Vista Police Department website. Select the “Reports” icon and follow instructions to begin the online reporting process. Select the appropriate responses as you continue through the process and submit the report when completed.  You’ll receive a tracking number while the report is forwarded to a staff member for review. If there are problems with your report or additional information is needed, you will be contacted by email. The approval process takes approximately 5 days. Upon approval, you’ll receive an email with a case number and instructions on how to obtain an official copy of the report.

Keep in mind, there are number of reasons why certain crimes should be reported directly to an officer who can ask the necessary follow up questions and evaluate other risk factors which might require immediate attention. If the crime or incident you’re reporting does not meet online reporting criteria, but occurred in the City of Chula Vista, you should contact the Chula Vista Police Department on their non-emergency line at (619) 691-5151. Call 9-1-1 for emergencies and crimes in progress. 

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