According to Diego Bernal Soto, a second-grade student at Rohr Elementary School in Chula Vista, the books are well-made and can help with learning and practice through reading.

For Diego, this is the first time he has received books (3) and a wonderful chance to practice reading without having to endure the traumatic experience that the COVID-19 outbreak means for thousands of children in California.

However, not just this young boy but all 315 students at this school expressed their happiness at receiving these lovely books that will help them to strengthen their reading skills.

"Thank you so much for everything," Nelly Orduño, Diego's classmate, enthusiastically remarked, "These books are extremely good, and with that, we are going to learn a lot" Nelly also demonstrated excellent oral expression fluency by recalling that the texts were from the "Dogmen" series.

It was stated that close to 1,000 books were distributed by this school promotion program for reading through the Mentoring Program San Diego-Oasis Intergenerational. Each child received three books.

Another thing to remember is that the books were delivered to the students at the start of the summer, which is when the kids go on vacation and when, following this educational program, students will have the chance to create their home libraries to support their reading abilities.

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