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We're days away from hearing where Surahz Buncom will be playing college football in the near future. 

The Mater Dei Catholic High School football player took to twitter this week to reveal his top 5 college destinations, including Oregon, Duke, Oregon State, Colorado, and Kansas. 

College football scouts believe that his decision will most likely be the University of Kansas, a traditional basketball powerhouse that is known for being an Alma Mater to several all-time great college players that go on to have legendary professional careers. 

The Chula Vista teenage resident recently had post-pone his Oregon State official visit to the University of Kansas instead, which has made Kansas scouts believe that their campus is likely his ultimate destination. 

“I was talking to Coach Samuel, and he got me on the phone with Coach Leipold,” Buncom said. “They wanted to get me up to campus as soon as possible. So, I canceled my Oregon State official that was on the 10th, and I scheduled it to be in Kansas instead.”

The Crusader says that what he has appreciated the most about the Kansas recruitment process has been the leadership and mindset of wide-receiver Coach Terrence Samuel, who he will be working cloesly with if he were to officially pick Kansas as his college destination. 

“One thing that stood was definitely Coach Samuel's philosophy,” Buncom said. “The way he goes about things and his coaching style. I consider him like a technician. He's very technical as far as route-running, how to create separation and things like that. I think the main thing I'd say is Coach Samuel's philosophy at the receiver position and just all the coaches in general.” 

Regardless of where Buncom decided to go for his college football career, he says that his father deserves immense credit for the journey he finds himself in currently at such a young age. 

“My dad is a defensive coordinator and a corners coach, I learned a lot about defense and kind of helped me just transition from going from baseball to football and playing receiver,” Buncom said about his father. “It all just helped me transition into that.”

However, this decision is coming up is bigger than just football for the Chula Vista local athlete. 

Buncom wants to secure a degree in business one day, a major that plays a pivotal role in his upcoming career decision. 

“It’s going to go come down to my relationships with the coaches, the networking outside of football and the academic prestige of the program,” Buncom said in a previous interview. “Like I said, I want to major in Business and that plays a big role and then my comfort level with the staff. 

It's a long term decision for me. I think a lot of players think short term when they commit somewhere. I'm looking at this as a lifetime decision so it's not just about football but life after football as well," he added. 

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