This innovative online tool, available at, aims to streamline ADU planning and provide homeowners, contractors, and the public with comprehensive information about the city's ADU regulations and requirements.

ADUs have emerged as an affordable and sustainable housing solution. With the Build for Chula Vista tool, users can now visualize whether an ADU is permitted on their property and access detailed development standards, along with the necessary steps for approval and construction. By integrating Chula Vista's specific ADU regulations into an intuitive map interface, the tool simplifies and expedites the planning process. The platform also features a marketplace of ADU vendors, making it easier for users to determine the allowed positioning of an ADU based on local planning and zoning requirements for any Chula Vista property.

A brief and informative 2-minute demo video is available to guide users on how to navigate the site and make the most of its features. The primary beneficiaries of this service are homeowners and contractors seeking to conduct preliminary site analysis and feasibility assessments for specific lots. Additionally, City staff can utilize the tool to efficiently respond to public inquiries regarding ADU feasibility.

Laura C. Black, AICP, Director of Development Services, expressed her confidence in Symbium's ADU feasibility tool, stating, "We believe that by reducing barriers and providing transparent access to information, we can contribute to the growth of sustainable housing options and promote a higher quality of living in our community." This powerful resource promises to be invaluable to residents and stakeholders of the City.

To explore the ADU tool and its features, the public can visit More information is also available on the City of Chula Vista's website at By leveraging the convenience and accessibility of the Build for Chula Vista platform, Chula Vista residents can confidently navigate the ADU planning process and contribute to the development of sustainable housing solutions.

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