The number of total COVID hospitalizations in San Diego County has increased to a total of 189 after 13 additional people have been admitted to a hospital bed. 

This report was confirmed Tuesday by the county's Health and Human Services Agency, starting also that there's been 1,897 COVID infections as of last Thursday, including four deaths. 

The newest COVID updated numbers in the county go as followed: 

  • Fully vaccinated (5+ years old): 2.62 million (83.4%)
  • Hospitalized patients: 189
  • ICU patients: 26 
  • Available beds: 223
  • Infections: 784,203
  • Deaths: 5,288

These numbers are only counting for hospital site cases, but infection numbers are considered likely to be higher since the emergence of at-home test kits.

San Diego officials gathered last week to emphasize the treating options available for all San Diego County dealing with COVID-19. 

Board of Supervisors Chairman Nathan Fletcher said they will continue to utilize treatment centers to keep serving locals in the on-going combat against the virus. 

"San Diego County is a national leader in vaccine distribution and we have been recognized for our efforts to remove barriers to treatment for COVID-19," Chairman Nathan Fletcher said. "Together with our partners at the state and city, we have established treatment centers that continue to serve San Diegans as we learn to live with the virus. As COVID-19 cases rise, we want San Diegans to know there are treatment options, and that our county remains committed to keeping them safe," he said.

San Diego City Councilwoman Jennifer Campbell credits President Joe Biden for the availability of safe antibody treatments, and she encourages San Diegans to keep taking precautions and get treatment if necessary as cases could continue to increase. 

"With COVID cases rising again, San Diegans should know COVID antibody treatments are safe, free thanks to President Biden's American Rescue Plan and very effective at keeping COVID cases mild," said the Councilwoman. "When we first opened this treatment center in Clairemont, I never imagined I would be a patient here, but it saved my life and I want every San Diego senior to know this effective, free treatment is available to them too."

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