The telephone company is offering ConnectAssist to families in need of technology assistance through a program to help households reach their goals entering the new year. 

Whether it’s a new computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone device, families are always expecting technology one way or another. Unfortunately, those wishes are often out of reach for families of low-income backgrounds that can not afford such devices.  

This comes when the county actively reminds people of their Federal Internet Discount Program, which low-income residents are encouraged to apply before the December 31st deadline to receive high-speed internet provided by the Federal Communications Commission potentially.  

Aside from the federal program, Cox’s ConnectAssist also offers internet assistance for people who are most likely eligible for the federal program, with the possibility of even qualifying to pay $0 monthly with the Emergency Broadband Benefit. 

With these programs accessible through the federal government, non-profit organizations, and telecommunications companies such as Cox Communications, families of low-income families now have a better chance of having quality tech-communications access in their homes entering 2022. 

Cox representative Denise Scatena says that their main objective with ConnectAssist is to make life easier for vulnerable families in the community. 

“What Cox and other internet providers are offering is in addition to federal assistance available via EBB. This is important because many rely on technology to stay connected to loved ones during the holidays and achieve their New Year resolutions of learning new skills and getting physically and financially healthy. These two programs make it easier to do this,” said Scatena. 

ConnectAssist program is available for families that are recipients of one of the following government assistance programs: SNAP, TANF, Public Housing, WIC, LIHEAP, Head Start, Pell Grant, Tribal Programs, Supplemental Security Income, Medicaid, or Veterans Pension & Survivors Benefits. 

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