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Former San Diego Councilman David Álvarez focused on the education issue by launching his campaign in Chula Vista.

At a press conference coordinated by activist Shane Harris, Álvarez assured that if he wins the election for California's 80th State Assembly district, he will seek funding to make the Chula Vista University project a reality.

"For decades, we have heard that we could have a university in Chula Vista," said the former councilman, who pledged to "fight in Sacramento to make it a reality" in the South County region.

Rudy López, a representative of the San Ysidro School District, recalled that as San Diego City Councilman, David Álvarez managed to replace San Ysidro's for 90 years with San Ysidro a new public library.

Lopez said Alvarez was also instrumental in getting the city to build a sidewalk that leads to San Ysidro High School.

Other representatives who expressed their support for Álvarez included the mayor of National City, Alejandra Sotelo Solís, the councilman Colin Parent of La Mesa, a doctor, and two local union members of carpenters.

In an interview with Chula Vista Today, Álvarez said he is very concerned about the education of the children and youth of Chula Vista after two years of online education due to the pandemic.

He said that as a parent, he knows that students tend to forget what they learned without face-to-face education.

David Álvarez insisted on focusing almost exclusively on education and other issues; he mentioned them only once and without dwelling on them in his speech.

He explained that the issue of public safety is also essential for Chula Vista and the rest of South Bay.

He said that crime has increased, and the region needs to increase its resources in public security, "we have to continue investing and not reduce the budget in security; there are people who want to eliminate the police budget."

David Álvarez did not deny or confirm that he received campaign funds from energy corporations, construction interest groups, or even Donald Trump contributors. He also did not accept that the unions had distanced themselves from his campaign this time.

"I have people here from the carpenters union, and there are other people with experience who support me. I think the representation should be like this; not just represent one group, but the variety that exists in our society," he said.

Regarding the campaign funds, Álvarez declared that "I have received contributions from people from different groups, as all candidates do, but I can demonstrate with the work I have done that my work is for the community."

David Álvarez is seeking a special election in April, the position left by now-former Assemblywoman Lorena González Fletcher when she accepted the presidency of the California Federation of Labor. Álvarez disputes the position with the former councilor of San Diego, Georgette Gómez.

Álvarez ruled out that he intends to run for District 1 of the county, a position currently held by the vice president of the county council of supervisors, Nora Vargas.

Alvarez stated that any version of that interest "is a lie."

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