Live music, services, workshops, lunch, and various activities to pamper women with, in addition to the special presence of Adriana Macías, motivational speaker, are some parts of the lineup that were announced through a live broadcast from her social media, Fanny Miller, founder of Celebrando Latinas, Director & Publisher of Celebrando Latinas Magazine and El Latino Newspaper.

“We are already preparing for Celebrando Latinas, at the Hilton Bayfront, this year we expect more than a thousand women, we are reviewing the spaces that we will have, the rooms, workshops, and entertainment,” Miller shared.

“We have four months left for Celebrando, it will take place on August 5, that day no tickets are going to be sold, the tables are already on sale, remember that we’re not selling individual tickets until after we sell the tables,” she reiterated.

While showing the spaces that make up the conference venue, Fanny explained that it is on the terrace "where we have the party, that is known by those who have already been with us at the event, the party starts after the conference ends”.

Miller is inviting those who are interested in being part of this annual event to send their suggestions, proposals, and requests for purchase or reservations to

“As many of you know, our main speaker is Adriana Macías, I know that many of you already know her, I have been following her for a couple of years through her social media platforms, the inspiration she can give us all is incredible, the idea is that she is to present in the morning”.

In addition, we will have six workshops, lunch, activities, and resources to indulge and take care of ourselves. Remember that the event is only for us, it is an activity for women,” and specified that the men who attend must be going either as sponsors, speakers, or volunteers.

An Activity that All Women can Participate in

“If you have ideas, or want to send us comments, the event is yours, it is an annual meeting to enjoy with friends and to make new friends, there are several groups of incredible women who you can join and get to know each other”.

Likewise, Fanny explained that women interested in taking advantage of the special rates offered by the hotel should be aware of Celebrando Latina's social media websites.

“It is an opportunity to get closer to resources that make life easier for us, we focus on our needs as women, mothers, friends, business women, entrepreneurs, professionals; I know that this year, like others, is going to be special, mainly because we are back after the pandemic," Miller said.

Celebrando Latinas will take place on Saturday, August 5 at the Hilton San Diego Bayfront, with a program that includes topics such as beauty, business, finance, health, technology, and more.

For information, sponsorships, and reservations you can consult, call (619)-426-1491, or write to

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