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There are artists in the music industry that pride themselves on being masters in their genre. They almost always stay within one genre, though. 

If you've never heard of the San Diego-based DGTL CLR, it is most likely because you haven't listened to music outside of your comfort zone.

Devereux Jennings is the lead artist of DGTL CLR, whose mission is to collect different styles of music and combine them into one genre. 

DGTL CLR recently held a performance at the Music Box located in Little Italy, marking his third performance at the popular upscale music venue in Downtown, San Diego. 

Jennings has played at the Music Box multiple times, and he says that it gets better every time for him, which he credits his style of music that offers an incredible mix of genres. 

"I love the energy of house music, I love dance music and how it makes people move, but I still wanted to incorporate my singing and my guitar while keeping that DJ-type energy," Jennings says. "It gives the audience a unique experience because they get to see this person that is playing guitar and singing, but still within the dancing genre," he added. 

Jennings aims at attracting an audience that has a wide variety of music tastes, especially those who love the nightlife but also can enjoy a laid-back environment. 

"I want to attract people that love groovy music, the club scene, but also people that enjoy anything that is chill though still danceable," he says. "If you took Nintendo, 90's techno, and Radiohead, and stuck them in a missing box, DGTL CLR is what would come out of the oven," Jennings adds on his official artist website. 

His most recent performance at the Music Box was an incredible display of electric feel transmitted through DGTL CLR, an electric feel that Jennings himself labels specifically as "Nextwave"

On his late-January performance at the Music Box, DGTL CLR provided vaporware synths, electronic dance beats, spacey guitars, and saxophones all in one night.

The crowd was taken into a stress-free world where the only thing that mattered at that moment was to vibe to the mix of sounds being blasted to their ears. This is the type of world Jennings offers through his music, where he says "weirdness" is not only welcomed but also embraced. 

"I love weird music, I want people to be comfortable in their weirdness," Jennings said on the basis of his electronic craftsmanship. 

"When I started making the music that I am now playing, I started to add visualization to my performances for the crowds. I make electronic movies that are synced to my music set during my shows. It's very self-visual, along with the sound waves being transmitted through the instruments. I believe this project is the complete package." Jennings added. 

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