While there are no specific statistics on the number of these companies managed by Latinas, it is estimated that San Diego has 14,015 women-owned businesses.

This information was shared by Katty Ibarra, director of the San Diego and Imperial Women's Business Center (WBC).

Ibarra emphasized that the WBC is located within the academic unit of Southwestern College in National City, which is recognized as one of the most diverse community colleges in the country.

Ibarra also highlighted that the predominant sectors in the business center are related to retail sales, food (restaurants), childcare, and various other services.

It is also worth mentioning that Katty Ibarra received the "Women's Business Center of Excellence Award" in early May during National Small Business Week, hosted by the Small Business Administration. 

In terms of business growth, Ibarra mentioned that Latina women who utilized the services of the San Diego & Imperial Business Center witnessed an increase in sales of $201,000 from January to December of the previous year. 

Additionally, she highlighted that the WBC was established in April 2018 with a focus on providing services to minorities, including women, people of color, and businesses in low-income areas.

Ibarra pointed out that the business development center for women offers "completely free training and individualized advice, with one of our bilingual business advisors, where we help them set goals and guide them every step of the way."

The business center has been actively operating and offering business advisory services to the San Diego community for five years. Since its establishment in 2018, the center has advised 2,697 clients, including 1,562 women, 1,250 Hispanics, 281 African Americans, 58 Native Americans, 34 Native Hawaiian Americans, and 71 veterans, showcasing the remarkable diversity among participants.

Proud of their accomplishments, the WBC stated, "We have served 1,992 unique clients, conducted 665 workshops and webinars in Spanish and English, facilitated the establishment of 783 companies, which have generated 6,061 jobs, provided access to capital amounting to $4.8 million, and delivered over 10,719.04 hours of counseling in Spanish and English."

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