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The Madrigal family are a reflection of millions of Colombians around the world. And thanks to Disney, Colombians living outside their country can feel much closer to home than ever before. 

It's been over a week since Disney's Encanto was released in theatres, and the film wasted no time in finding immediate success. The animated film grossed $40 million over Thanksgiving break in North America alone, providing the film a smooth path to the top spot in box office. 

Back in November of 2017, Disney released the animated film "Coco", with its concept being inspired by Mexico's culture. Coco brought endless joy and happiness to millions of Mexicans around the world, where they found comfort in a story that displays the beauty of their many traditions. 

It's not any different this time around for Colombians, with Disney showing authentic features that Colombia has to offer. 

Carlos Mendoza is an Assistant Manager of Promotions and Entertainment at Jamul Casino, but also has Colombia running through his blood. 

Mendoza was blown away by how detailed the Colombian features were in the film, to which he credits Disney for including many Colombian artists to participate in the film's production in order to make that happen. 

"After doing some research after watching the film, seeing that they included Colombian actors and actresses in the movie credits made me much more appreciative of the film. Not only did they put Colombian faces on the screen, but also behind the screens as well, which makes the film much more authentic," Mendoza says. 

Carlos is not surprised that Disney chose the Colombian culture for this film, as he says there's many positive things to learn about Colombia other than the stereotypes involving the drug war. 

"Time Magazine ranked Colombia as one of the happiest countries throughout South America, and the image the country has had in the past is for the most part drug-related, but now it is being shown that the country has much more to offer than people think. People are very long here with an appreciation for family environments. Family is everything," Mendoza added. 

Alicia Mendoza, mother of Carlos Mendoza, is also grateful to Disney for picking Colombia to influence this film. She says that watching this film thousands of miles away from her homeland of Colombia is a bitter feeling, but nonetheless, a feeling of gratitude and pride above all else. 

"One watching this film far away from their motherland is very exciting and emotional for someone like me. Seeing things like one of the country’s most historic bridges, Colombian phrases, and the unity of families, are features we truly value," Alicia said. 


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