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The state of California is now making it easier for state residents to get their Driver's License. 

This week, the Department of Motor Vehicles announced that they will take their driver license process online from this point forward. State residents will now have the option of choosing between the online version of the traditional knowledge exam, and an interactive eLearning course as well. 

“Currently, the remote exam is available for the nearly 2 million tests taken by Californians renewing their license each year, the more than 1.3 million tests taken by adults getting their license for the first time who also don’t have a California identification card, and Californians getting a REAL ID or motorcycle license for the first time,” the DMV stated. 

Many people would then think, "How would the prevention of fraud be taken care of?". 

The DMV says that they will resolve those issues through identity verification and test monitoring. 

“For identity verification and as a fraud prevention measure, online test participants are required to verify their identity and agree to be monitored throughout the exam,” said the DMV this week. 

The DMV credits their department's commitment to modernize the way they approach their online services for state residents. 

Director of Department of Motor Services Steve Gordon says this marks a big step in their objective to make things easier for their customers. 

“This is one more example of how the DMV is modernizing to add more convenient services online that used to be only available in an office,” DMV Director Steve Gordon stated on the topic. “We continue to incorporate ways to bring DMV services to our customers when and where they want.”

However, this online test is only available on computers that have a webcam available, which means it cannot be taken on tablets or any mobile devices. 

The exam is available in 35 different languages, and is now available Monday through Friday from 8am to 4pm to everyone in the state of California. 


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