An early poll of 631 likely voters shows John McCann (R) and Ammar Campa Najjar (D) on leading positions in the race for Chula Vista’s Mayor's Office, with 19% of respondents choosing McCann, while Campar-Najjar holding onto 17% based on an early poll. 

This comes nearly 7 months before the election takes place in the summer of 2022, where Mayor Mary Salas is set to be termed-out and become ineligible for re-election.  

Although the early poll showed a slight McCann lead, 47% of likely voters in this poll identified as Democrats, while just 24% identified as Republicans, and 29% as Independent. 

However, respondents in the poll were asked who they would pick in the general election between McCann and Campa-Najjar, resulting in a 26% split in a general election scenario. 

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