Mark your calendars for June 3rd, the first Saturday of June which is National Trail Day. Join others in exploring the scenic trails that our City has to offer and enjoy the great outdoors.

Through a release from the California News Service, we were let know that many events are being planned nationwide in celebration of this day, like hiking and clean-up events.

We can also use this day as an opportunity to show respect for the sacred lands on which these trails were constructed, as these lands were once the ancestral homes of indigenous groups.

As said in the release by Alanna Smith, who is a parks program associate for the nonprofit Save the Redwoods League, said "Thinking about how these trails are created, and ways that we can help maintain them, that's a big part of National Trails Day," Smith explained. "Anyway that we can give back is a great way to celebrate National Trails Day, also."

Here are some trails that you can visit in Chula Vista:

● Hilltop Park Trailhead
● Bayside Park Trailhead
● Mother Miguel Mountain Trailhead
● Upper Otay Reservoir Trailhead
● Centennial Trail
● Lower Otay Reservoir Bike Trail Trailhead
● Proctor Valley Natural Resource Area
● Sweetwater Summit Regional Park

Explore the beautiful scenery and unwind on a stress-free Saturday. You don't have to engage in extreme activities on the trails, simply being present in nature can be enough. So, take the opportunity to get outside and enjoy!

For more information on events that are happening near you on Saturday, you can visit the American Hiking Society website at,

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