A woman, her two sons, and their dog were displaced from their two-story home in Chula Vista Wednesday morning after a vehicle combusted into flames in their garage, according to the Chula Vista Police Department.

The Chula Vista Fire Department received a call at around 9:41 a.m. from a homeowner reporting an SUV had caught fire in the garage of her home located at 335 Turquoise Ct. The homeowner reported hearing loud popping noises from her garage, which lead to her discovering that her SUV had caught fire in the driveway.

According to Onscene TV, she tried to open the garage doors, but the smoke pushed her back.

Chula Vista Fire Department Battalion Chief David Albright said no injuries were reported among citizens and firefighters.

First responders encountered difficulties accessing the garage and the 2nd story, according to Albright. The fire had destroyed the garage, the second story, and two vehicles.
“We always like to say, every Spring and Fall, please check the batteries on your smoke detectors,” Albright told Onscene T.V. “Make sure they work. this is a perfect example. It is unknown what alerted the resident, but everyone got out. I’m hoping they were alerted by smoke alarms.”

Fire Investigators will be looking for the cause of the fire.

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