She was born in the state of Zacatecas, Mexico, but at a very young age, her parents brought her to California.

Aurora Ayala, like many community college students, had to make significant sacrifices to study and work simultaneously. As a result, she had to take a break from school for several years.

But her desire and commitment to learning prevailed, and she never gave up on her objective.

Ayala graduated from Southwestern College in December 2016 and was appointed internal director of the SWC's department of facilities, operations, and planning in August 2018, and was then appointed permanent director in December 2020.

She would then earn a degree in Business Administration with a focus on Project Management.

Aurora has taken up a new assignment to benefit the students. She carries out her responsibilities with a sense of pride and joy, knowing that she can make a difference by helping others.

She coordinates the housing project for SWC students.

“We are waiting if we are going to receive funds from the state. Right now there is zero movement because we cannot even pay an architect until they tell us if they are going to give us funds or not”.

Journalist: How much are you asking for?

Aurora: We ask for 80 million. The authority is held by the state of California's government. Numerous schools bring in their requests, and they are the ones who give permission. We made our request on January 25.

Journalist: What standards would the Californian government use to choose which school would get funding for the development of student housing?

Aurora: Southwestern Community College applied, and we are all evaluated equally; it is valued how much you are contributing, how many beds (are required), the need of the area, and the community's average income.

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