by Courtesy of Esther Lin/SHOWTIME

The big fight between Gervonta Davis and Isaac Cruz is just 2 days away, and tension from both camps is intensifying after holding an open training session. 

On Wednesday, Davis and Cruz spoke to the press at the Wild Card Boxing gym in Los Angeles, where both sides expressed their eagerness to get in the ring. 

Five-time world champion Gervonta Davis is approaching Sunday’s fight with a lot of confidence, stating that he is ready for any game plan that Cruz brings to the table. 

“Everyone says that Cruz is going to disturb me, but that is easier said than done. If he really does, the fans will be in for an exciting fight. We already know what his strategy will be. I just need to be smart, do my thing, and put on a show for the fans,” Davis said. 

“They are not going to want to lose this fight. It will be good. I have been training for 13 weeks for this, so I will be ready,” Gervonta added. 

Mexican fighter Isaac Cruz says that he trusts his game plan for Sunday, and is fully confident to enter fight night with the classic Mexican strategy he’s known for. 

“We have been preparing for this fight in the best way. We are going to fight smart. We will stay true to our style and face this fight with the optimal strategy to win the title,” Cruz said. 

“I came to do my job and win the fight by points or by knockout. I will show everyone that I am a true Mexican warrior and what I am worth with every punch I throw. They will see my worth this Sunday, December 5th.” he added. 

Sunday’s action will go underway at 5 pm Los Angeles time, broadcasted from Staples Center and shown live on Showtime PPV.


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