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A teacher at Granite Hills High School is being investigated for alleged sexual misconduct. 

Officials confirmed the investigation on Tuesday, involving the allegations against the unnamed teacher of Granite Hills High located in the El Cajon area. 

According to authorities, the unnamed staff member has been placed on leave as El Cajon Police and district officials continue with their investigation. 

In a statement, the district stated that they have taken action on the matter by notifying local authorities and filed a report to the Child Protective Services. 

“Immediately after learning of the very disturbing allegations against a Granite Hills High School teacher, we notified law enforcement and reported the matter to Child Protective Services. There is nothing more important than the safety of our students," the district said. 

Local officials have yet to release any further information on the unnamed teacher, in large part due to the thorough process taking place in which they are taking "very seriously" in this investigation. 

"Anytime allegations of misconduct are brought forward, the District takes those allegations very seriously. A prompt and thorough investigation follows. In the event of actual misconduct, the District takes appropriate disciplinary action up to and including dismissal. The Granite Hills employee is currently on leave as law enforcement and our District conduct investigations," the district mentioned on their statement. 

It's not just the privacy of the teacher they want to keep discrete during this investigation, but also the privacy of all parties involved. Police have yet to confirm if the situation involves one or multiple students. 

"So as not to impede ongoing investigations, and to maintain the privacy rights of all involved, the District will not comment further at this time," the district made very clear in regards to revealing detailed information. 

We will provide updates on this story as new information is produced by authorities. 

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