As part of the report, Assemblyman David Alvarez, Representative of the 80th District, and Dr. Daisy González, Interim Chancellor of California Community Colleges, will be special guests.

The annual report will review the present and future plans of the college, aiming for "a future of local education." It is anticipated that the report will include "the achievements of the college and future plans for its binational efforts."

Among these efforts is the AB91 bill, presented by Alvarez to the State Assembly in late January, which, if passed, would reduce tuition fees at Southwestern College. Three days after Dr. Sánchez presents the annual report, he will visit the Capitol and meet with the California Assembly's Higher Education Committee in Sacramento to present the reasons for the mentioned project.

In a recent exclusive interview, when asked why he thinks California assemblymen should say "YES" to the AB91 bill, Dr. Sánchez replied, "It is essential for this region. It is crucial because this region is significant in the state of California due to taxes, businesses, and the industry that needs workers."

Interim Chancellor of California Community Colleges, Dr. Daisy González, is expected to express her support for the initiative that may be voted on by the State Assembly in July or August. Additionally, it is expected that David Alvarez will mention another education-related bill during the March 17th event in this border region.

This bill proposes that the nearly 400 acres of land available in the city of Chula Vista should "be maintained for educational use." According to David Alvarez, who also presented this other bill, the reason is that there has been a suggestion to use the land for housing construction. However, it is a priority for the San Diego region to use the land for the proposed University of Chula Vista.

Regarding the report that the Superintendent of Southwestern College will share, it highlights the fact that "enrollment has increased, as well as the prospects." Dr. Mark Sánchez "will share the news about what is coming up at Southwestern College."

It is worth mentioning that the Superintendent has requested the support of the Governor of Baja California, Marina del Pilar Olmedo Ávila, and the directors of higher education institutions in the neighboring state, such as UABC, CETYS, Tijuana Technological University, and Lázaro Cárdenas Preparatory School, among others, to sign a letter of support to be brought to the Assembly.

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