The United States Section of the International Boundary Commission is seeking applicants to
serve on its Citizens Form Board to inform the community about Commission projects and
related activities in San Diego County.

The Commission is the official entity that determines the location of the international boundary
and demarcates the boundary by erecting and maintaining monuments along the land boundary and demarcation plaques and traffic buttons at the ports of entry.

Commissioners are responsible for applying the boundary and water treaties between the
United States and Mexico and settling differences that arise in the application of the treaties.
In San Diego County, the USIBWC operates the South Bay International Wastewater Treatment
Plant and the Tijuana River Flood Control Project. The commission additionally coordinates
international efforts to address sediment, solid waste, and water quality in the Tijuana River

The USIBWC Citizens Forum serves “as a focal point for the exchange of information between
the USIBWC and the local community regarding ongoing and future USIBWC projects and
related activities in the area"; according to a statement from USIBWC.

The commission is seeking new applicants as current board members have termed out of their
two-year term. Former board members are eligible to apply. Board members, who serve on a
volunteer, non-paid basis, take part in three to four public meetings per year.

Application forms are available at
Forms may also be acquired by contacting Leslie Grijalva, acting public affairs officer, at 915-
832-4770 or

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