by Photo Courtesy of the City of Chula Vista

On September 15 the City of Chula Vista embarked on the reconstruction of Loma Verde Recreation and Aquatic Center, a Measure P funded project that will spend roughly $12.8 million for its replacement by 2022 for a larger, more modern facility.

Measure P is a temporary ten-year, half-cent sales tax approved by voters in 2016 to fund high priority infrastructure needs like the Loma Verde Rec Center. This 40 year-old building located in the southwest region of Chula Vista received roughly 2,000 visitors a year and was considered to be one of Chula Vista’s busiest recreational centers according to Tim Farmer, the city’s Parks and Recreation Administrator. The center’s first two stages include the demolition and the reconstruction of approximately 20,000 square feet of the center and surrounding areas. The third phase of this project will include the replacement of old pools and the installation of a splash-pad area for families.

Collection of the tax began in April 2017 and is projected to raise $178 million which will be used to upgrade police, fire, paramedic and 911 emergency equipment, vehicles and facilities, street repairs and sidewalks, replace storm drains to prevent sinkholes, improve parks, repair recreation facilities, and repair or replace other city infrastructure.

“Those enhancements are made possible because the projected income from the sales tax measure exceeded our expectations, so what we were actually able to do with that is enhance our projects and speed up repairs” Chula Vista Mayor Mary Salas said during a City Council meeting back in December. Chula Vista approved the Infrastructure, Facilities and Equipment Expenditure plan on December 6, 2016 outlining how the projected $178 million could be collected within the ten year period and how funds are planned to be allocated.

In 2019 the city council unanimously approved amendments to the 2020 Infrastructure, Facilities and Expenditure plan and allocated more funds to replace fire station doors city wide in addition to the removal of dead trees and the reparation of recreational facilities and senior centers. As of 2020, the Infrastructure, Facilities and Equipment Expenditure Plan also includes long-term financing of approximately $70.8 million in order to expedite the most critically needed repairs or replacements of citywide infrastructure.

“Due to the high volume use of these facilities any interruption or reduction in their availability directly impacts the City’s residents. Additional funds could be used to replace roofs, water and waste water plumbing, heating and air conditioning elements that have all reached or exceeded your expected service life” according to officials from the City of Chula Vista.

An oversight committee composed of 16 members review and report all Measure P expenditure plans, reports and audits and meet quarterly. The City of Chula Vista holds an interactive map that details completed projects funded through Measure P.

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