A man was stabbed near Petco Park on Sunday night. 

According to authorities, the San Diego Police Department received a call at approximately 8:30 p.m. about a man suffering stabbing wounds near the rail station on the 12th and Imperial Avenue intersection. 

San Diego police said that a man rushed to a security booth at Petco Park, and told an official that he had just been stabbed by the nearby rail station and asked for immediate medical assistance. 

SDPD officer John Buttle says that the 37-year-old male had encountered another man who, according to the victim, had "owned" him money leading up to the stabbing attack. 

After the victim encountered the man, a third male approached the 37-year-old from the back and stabbed him before then fleeing the scene, according to Officer Buttle. 

When the stabbed victim rushed to the security office at Petco Park, he was then transported to a nearby hospital where he was treated for a puncture wound on his back area, according to Officer Buttle. 

The back wound is not being considered life-threatening as of the latest update. 

And as for the other men involved in the attack, Officer Buttle says that the 37-year-old refused to cooperate with officials on providing any detailed information on the two men he encountered Sunday night. 

The case continues to be investigated by officials. 

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