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Latin pop stars Jennifer Lopez, Maluma, and Hollywood actor, Owen Wilson, come together to release a film for this coming Valentine's Day. 

In this film, Jennifer Lopez will play music superstar Kat Valdez, and the legendary Owen Wilson plays a math teacher named Charlie Gilbert. The storyline consists of both actors starting as strangers in the film and eventually agreeing to spend the rest of their lives together in an unexpected romantic connection between the two. The film "Marry Me" provides a modern romantic story about a mix of marriage, star fame in today's social media day in age. 

Maluma took to Instagram to express his excitement about this project he's featured in, saying it's a dream come true for his already highly-accomplished career. 

"I still can't believe my first time acting in a movie is alongside Jennifer Lopez and Owen Wilson. Dreams are never too big for someone brave and fighting. THANK YOU!!!" said Maluma in an Instagram post earlier this week. 

Jennifer Lopez has spoken out about her role in this film, explaining the unexpected turn of events her characters goes through in this upcoming film. 

“She picks someone in the audience to marry. And then her life completely changes. That happens when you’re with someone who sees you as you truly are.” Lopez said. “She then realizes she’s actually the love of her life. And that’s been her problem since everyone wants a simple life to be happy and find love.” said the iconic Latina superstar. 

Universal Pictures has released a synopsis that summarizes the highly-anticipated romantic comedy hits theatres on February 11. 

"What begins as an impulsive reaction turns into an unexpected romance. But when different circumstances conspire to separate them, the universal question arises: can two people from worlds so different close the chasm that separates them and build a place where they both belong?" says the synopsis. 

The film will also feature well-known stars such as Chloe Coleman, John Bradley, and the popular comedian, Sarah Silverman. 

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