Today, Wednesday, June 8, marks more than three weeks since the union that affiliates bus drivers declared a work stoppage.

Since May 16, this transportation service has been unreliable due to frequent delays in departures and arrivals at target stations and scheduled stops, as set by the Metropolitan Transit System (MTS).

The Teamsters Local 683, a subcontractor of MTS, also stated that its members "overwhelmingly voted to reject the latest mediocre offer from Transdev."

Additionally, the union warned that the workers "have been on strike for unfair labor practices and will remain (without working) until an agreement is reached."

The union group stated that "after the vote, Lee Fletcher, Secretary-Treasurer of Local 683, sent a detailed letter to Transdev members and leadership outlining the key problems (with their offer) and why it was not made since the beginning."

The statement from Transdev reads, "Transdev stated that it was disappointing to learn that members of Teamsters Local 683 turned down the offer."

However, it is evident in the words of Fletcher, the union's president, that "this should not have come as a surprise since the negotiating committee told Transdev that the drivers wouldn't accept that offer."

In his letter, he says, "Transdev continues to ignore the complaints of its employees who serve the public and benefit Transdev."

The regional metropolitan transportation organization's Board of Directors is expected to hold a special meeting on Thursday to end the ongoing strike. It should be noted that Transdev employees provide transportation services for the San Diego Metropolitan Transit System (MTS).

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