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After 33 years, the Mexican National Team has a new logo to represent the country at the international level. 

On Tuesday, the federation unveiled the team’s newest addition at the Estadio Azteca, providing a 20 minutes presentation of the team’s new crest going forward. 

The federation says the new crest was influenced by the sun stone, and the flying eagle representing ancient Aztec and Mayan art, which are designs that have played a major role in previous soccer uniforms for the “El Tri” national team. 

“The new emblem is the result of a strategic project that has been worked on in recent years in order to evolve, modernize and adapt the image to current requirements, also demonstrating deep appreciation for our history and for the emblematic elements that have been part of our identity and symbol of our essence and culture, such as the colors of the flag, the eagle, the Stone of the Sun and the ball.” said the Mexican federation.

The Mexican federation also says that this crest represents the identity of their country, symbolizing the true image of the Mexican people and their culture. 

“The new image of our Selection is made of the same passion with which you go out to work every day, of your dreams, of the pride with which you represent your country, of solidarity, strength in the face of adversity and the future that we build together; of our culture and traditions that we keep alive, of the samples of love and the throats that sing the cute sky.” said the Mexican federation. 

Much like the national team’s objective going forward into the World Cup, the crest was made to emphasize the commitment and passion for their country and for the sport of soccer. 

“It is made of history that reminds us of who we are and where we come from and commits us to the future towards which we are heading: it is made of you and our passion for our country and football. This is a Made of Mexicans symbol.” The Federation added. 

This change comes one year before the World Cup gets underway in Qatar, where the biggest tournament in international soccer kicks off on November 21st of 2022. 

This is the first time in World Cup history where the tournament takes place during the winter, due to concerns over expected high temperature in the Middle East during the summer. 

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