The terror attack perpetrated by Hamas against Israel and resulting declaration of war by Israel against Hamas in the Gaza Strip has led to numerous casualties and injuries on both sides. There is an ongoing hostage crisis of Israeli citizens being held in Gaza and millions of innocent civilians in harm’s way. 

“California is home to students and staff with cultural ties to Israel and Palestine and has seen a rise in antisemitic and Islamophobic incidents even before the outbreak of war. As educators, we must make sure we provide a safe space for all members of our community to learn about current events and process their emotions,” a statement from the San Diego County Office of Education read.

The SDCEO stated the resources below were intended solely to provide access to information. 

Teaching resources for educators:

   — Facing history and ourselves – fostering civil discourse;

   — Judy Pace – teaching controversial issues;

   — Street Law – classroom deliberations;

   — Constitutional rights foundation – conducting a civil conversation in the classroom and;

   — SDCOE resource guide – facilitating dialogue with compassion.

   Some topics educators may consider adapting for students include:

   — The impact of geopolitical issues in the United States and the extent of its obligation to respond;

   — The role and authority of the president;

   — The president’s policy options for responding to this type of crisis;

   — The lasting impacts of significant historical conflict in the Middle East and;

   — The human costs of war and conflict.

   Social and emotional learning resources:

   — How to talk to kids about violence, crime, and war;

   — Talking to your kids about war;

   — How to talk to your children about conflict and war and;

   — Handle with care – supporting young people during crises.

   For elementary/middle school students:

   — Resilience in a time of war.

   For military families:

   The San Diego County Office of Education creates and curates resources to support military families, students, and schools serving military children.

   School culture resources:

   — Trauma-informed resources for school systems;

   — The national child traumatic stress network;

   — Addressing antisemitism in public schools and;

   — Countering Islamophobia in public schools.

Links to these resources can be found at

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