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MTS prepares for a busy weekend ahead, as thousands are expected to visit San Diego as Comic-Con gets underway.

On Wednesday, MTS confirmed its transit guide for a very busy weekend ahead, as Comic-Con comes back to San Diego for the first time since 2019, prior to the rise of COVID-19. 

Thousands are expected to visit San Diego in the incoming days for the remainder of Thanksgiving break, Black Friday shopping sales, and Comic-Con’s annual convention. 

In order to prevent heavy traffic situations, MTS suggests it should be in the best interest of the public to use transit to attend their weekend activities. 

The cost of gas continues to increase as the year comes to an end, and MTS says that using transit could help the public’s budget for the weekend by riding a bus or trolley to their destination. 

MTS says there is also a new transit line that arrives at the airport, using the new electric airport shuttle that takes off from Old Town station and Santa Fe Depot. 

Transit riders can now download the Pronto application on their smart-phone devices, a new way to pay and ride MTS transportation as a transit pass. 

MTS says the Green Line Service will be available for riders to reach their destination at the Gaslamp Quarter, for events such as Comic-Con and other activities taking place in the Downtown area. The frequency of the Green and Orange line is every 15 minutes throughout the day. 

In addition, MTS says it is offering free parking for transit riders at dozens of transit stations, where they are able to park their vehicle at a station and take the trolley to and from events. 

And for families riding transit this weekend, two children can ride free for every fare paying adult on Saturday and Sunday. 

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