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San Diego's Petco Park is being recognized as the top ballpark in America. 

According to a ranking by USA Today this week, the home of the Padres is now considered to be the best stadium in all of Major League Baseball. 

The baseball writers involved in this ranking based their evaluations on atmosphere, city location, food and beverage options at the ballpark. And based on these criteria, Petco Park is named the best in the business. 

USA Today says the following about the home of the Padres: 

“Petco Park is simply the best place to watch a baseball game. The location (embedded in downtown San Diego), the weather, the food, the beer and, of course, the stadium itself — it’s all phenomenal. Petco Park often doesn’t get the credit it deserves when compared to the Fenways and Wrigleys of the baseball world. But don’t listen to those people. Petco Park is the best stadium in baseball." 

This comes as no surprise to those living in San Diego, or outsiders who have visited our city's ballpark. 

One of those baseball fans is Southbay local resident, Edson Camacho, who visited several sporting venues in different cities throughout his young life. 

Edson says that this ranking doesn't shock him in the slightest, as he considers Petco Park as the ideal sporting venue that offers a convenient experience like no other, from the location, transportation, and an incredible view, even for those sitting way on top of the seating sections. 

"I’m an avid sports fan. Been to 7 Liga Mx Stadiums (Mexican soccer) I’ve been to 7 MLB stadiums (Seattle, Giants, As, Dodgers, Angels, Padres, Braves). You never know what to expect when you’re going to a stadium you’ve never visited before. I know what I look for in a game experience. Location, accessibility, and atmosphere are some of the prime elements that make a stadium experience either good or bad. I can honestly say that Petco Park ticks off most of the good things I enjoy about attending a game," said the Southbay local about Peto Park." 

The Southbay local recently attended a game at Truist Park, which was inaugurated in 2017 for the Atlanta Braves, offering modern features that make it an impressive new sporting venue. However, to Edson who has experienced Atlanta's ballpark first hand, it still doesn't compare to what Petco Park has to offer. 

"The location is incredible in the heart of Downtown. You can plan your whole day around that, by getting to DT early and eating/drinking before the game (vice versa for after the game). Easily accessible either by car or public transportation," Edson said. "The atmosphere is really great, you can go as a family or with friends and you’ll have a great time. Concessions are some of the best, if not the best in the league. Not a bad view from any of the seats, even the 300s have a decent view. None of the stadiums I have been to, besides Petco, can check all the things I mentioned. This is why I wholeheartedly agree with Petco being #1. For a stadium inaugurated in 2004 I feel like it goes toe to toe with the modern stadiums of the league, such as Truist Park which was inaugurated 2017." 



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